Second Letter Home (Webb Marti)

Mum, I know you'll think I'm potty But at last I think I've found him He's young but he's mature And you will love him I can tell He says one day we'll marry And I don't think I should rush him But if he gets his skates on We can have some kids as well There are lots of things I miss, mum No-one makes a normal sandwich You need Goliath's mouth to eat The ones New Yorkers buy I long to find a drink That hasn't got an ice cube in it And for an English sausage I swear I would gladly die Anyway, as I was saying He just can't sit still a minute He's not like Neville Braithwaite This one likes to dance all night He does a lot of travelling And when he goes I miss him For once I think it's safe to say I'm doing something right.