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Half Man Half Amazin' (Pete Rock)

to all my bronx niggaz (yeah!) "and I say right about now get ready to get down To the funky sound of the man they call" "pete rock""and method man" Dumbheads, what? cherryheads.. what? Appleheads, what what what? (meth-tical, you know how we do dunn, yeah Hit it off you know what I mean, like this y'all) P.r., take them to the bridge, uhh! Float on this magnificient track wise intelligent All-star jamerican yes the rap vet Reinforce your threat, who got the money to bet Against the number one, holdin down the position Crush the competition with the limited edition Heavy caliber rhyme, shootin down ya peace sign The war's on for real, run grab ya shield Yo meth, take the steel and let these cats know the deal Style blazin, iron lung on this collaboration Money for the takin I ain't sweatin confrontation With p.r.ah, we beez the mens of tomorrow Master, license to kill, bringin the horror To ya house like amityville, keepin it more than real Niggas ain't supposed to feel, hot nicks ya know the deal If you read the resume, gives a f**k what niggaz say Timb boots to pave the way, here I come to save the day Yes stoppin the f**kin press, transform to mister mef See that logo on my chest, save a damsel in distress Hot shit, in the song, got to get until it's gone Kids wanna get it on get smacked up and shit upon Right til ya prove me wrong, think you can do me hunh? Can't we all just get along, in this modern babylon? Dueling with my nemesis, layin down laws Don't start if you can't finish it, I'm telling you pah! Got the power of a meteor shower, comin down On all ya cowards, trickin ya funds and sniffin powders Here we come, straight from the slums, dynamic duo son Ghost rider jonathan and soul brother number one "sendin this one out.. to my man" -> prodigy "meth-tical" -> meth"pete rock" "half man, half amazin" -> nas "make it hot nigga!" -> big pun "for you!""knowhati'msayin? " -> prodigy Leapin tall buildings in a single bound, faster than a round Blastin out a forty pound, y'all niggaz f**k around Take that and handle it, method man I get Strong with titantic shit, that means abandon ship Get a life and get a grip, there ain't a problem that I can't fix Transmittin live from apocalypse And the cho-co-late, boy wonder, my sidekick Cowabunga, these evil doers days are numbered We flexin like the x-men on rap veteran That be's no question, boy ya need protection son I'm burnin up check the temperature Ya f**kin wit the last emperor, iron lung dangerous son For all who enter the, 36, deadliest chambers For all the prejudiced, entertainers There ain't a damn thing you can tell us, bite ya tongue I be the troublesome, don't sleep niggaz is holdin son Pick em off form long range break em down to small change A new york giant stand in front of ya ... Squad, what up god, a million to one one odds That you can't stop this bullet I'm like refrigerator perry rush right through it and just do it So act like ya knew it, the mount vernon/shaolin fluid The rap committee coming live Through ya city, swing hard like ken griffey Gain stats, now who's next up to bat? Knock em out the box, method man and pete rock Celebrating victory, rap world remedy Take a double dose deadly Deadly kid.. yo! "c'mon!""one two!" "the numba one set and sound" -> bdp "meth-tical" -> method "pete rock, this one's for the crew" -> cl smooth "half man, half amazin" -> nas "one two!""the numba one set and sound" -> bdp "meth-tical" -> method"on arrival" "pete rock, this one's for the crew" -> cl smooth "half man, half amazin" -> nas (continues to echo to end)