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It's A Love Thing (Pete Rock)

You're beautiful, the way you wear that, share that Have many ladies but nothing can compare to that smile That style that drives men wild That ring could have Big Daddy walkin' down the isle Proper you a show stopper, girl endure dropper I can see me leavin' Suze and bring it home to mama What you lookin' at is pure bred stallion I'm slayin' it, you really care to know whose jay in it Oh, how lucky are we catch you comin' out the shower And I'm right there to wipe down your body Spread that scented lotion all around your curves Anything you want, all she deserves Baby, calm your nerves, make this work Only thing in life you fear is being hurt Here to protect thought otherwise I'm here to correct you can trust me You and I now that's a hot couple When it's off in the same club Now you askin' for nothing but trouble Watch you jumpin' at the Red Labels Got my woman and her girlfriends dancin' on the tables Shut down the joint, me I'm just laid back and all Surrounded by the gangsters puffin' on the cigar Badder chick in the world keep niggaz cranked Yes, the hottest chick on the planet keep a nigga ranked The question is, can you top that homie? You can probably pull something close but stop that homie Not even, could have that even if I stopped breathin' Don't hope for that my ghost will be pokin' the steel Read my will my boys get it all, no gimmicks But I'm here to let you know my jump off is off limits Life and love get made for a thug Once I settled in you made me a gentleman Tot game is crazy diamonds off the lettle Travel through these ghettos drop to top Let 'em see what I'm workin' with came to win How the don keeps the fun to blow in the wind World war is magnetic that attracts loot She look Wall Street briefcase, pen strife suit The hair rub in a bun, spectacles on her nose Any deal she makes, my business grows They say, a woman's never satisfied Till she have me to fill it to her heart's content It's my blessing, God gave you to me And words can't describe, what you do for me Your C.L. is, love me or love me not But no-one can match this chemistry we got Why they all fall, you C.L.'s wive 'Cause all we got is each other a bond for life