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It's About That Time (Pete Rock)

Over the globe again from the realm of illadelph The planet overwhelmed yo just brace yaself Ya wanna go against me first face yaself I pose threat To whoever within ya commonwealth the top ten I'm crushing ya crap concoction To the utmost examine this upclose it's shockin Now mic droppin is only ya option Here come the spliff scientist in the flesh have you forgotten His excellency the most poetically inventive official hip hop shit That's ya incentive to cop this actual fact and not the likeness 'cause possibly clones 'd try to do it like this Fathom this lyrically fabulous vocabulist Hold mic like four fifth and lick shot somewhat like pete Malik rock think not I don't smoke I just sleep drink and eat Think pot and I want the top a vehicle that brakes God I want the top a vehicle that brinks got composing To the ink sock my hip hop is wild megawatts Continue with forever exist and never stop Yo whut up whatever ock we can thicken tha plot because And it's time for that and it's about that time It's time for that and it's about that time Rob 0 it's time for that and it's about that time Pete rock it's time for that and it's about that time Black thought it's time for that and it's about that time [rob o] I'm rob 0 what, energize like a power plant blow speakers Without an amp do things these wack rappers can't And start again 33 rpm the hearts of men Are cold like the steel I hold on microphones Let my words express move men like chess My mic will stand erect like projects It's drastic top draft pick in this rap shit You just a fraction caught up in tha midst of action My catalog is current events breath the contents What I move crowds for local events the show stopper 98 feature spot rocker rob odendo Now every mc wanna mention me out of envy Unofficially top of the charts I played my part Held it down from the start you know the m.o. Yeah yeah rob odendo Chorus [pete rock] Yo it's the capital p book rhymes of the century Speak rap line essientially on tha m-i-c I hold the mic appliance like science My competitors and clients worldwide as my words coincide With real life think twice transmit like true lies It's televised take my manuscripts out of context Who want next situation is complex Stop the nonsense it's 98 time to set the record straight Separate movers and shakers from those that hesitate Ya featherweight name carry weight in every state Ya name brand no frills niggaz is marinate It's pete rock new world innovator Crush immitators five years since the creator It's nuff said as I paint the town red and move ahead Chorus