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It's The Postaboy (Pete Rock)

Uh, yeah, yeah Harlem, Postaboy, let's go Harlem, PB, Pete Rock, woo woo Uhh, let's go I'ma show you how we get down like, with this pound like Since I'm in a Caddy P this what it sound like Uhh, yeah this what you clowns like And since you're on my dick nigga this what uptown like Geah, I'm on top of my A game Blew two hundred thou', got it back on the haste gang Posta back in the building The one o six hall of famer t-shirt is back in the ceiling I'm a new artist but it's like I'm platinum plus E'ry day, spend superstar rapper bucks Go to the dealer, cop trucks after trucks High as a kite, rollin' dutch after dutch Honey leavin' the scene with me Now she wanna get a room, but at one nineteen with me Lowrider jeans, fanny pokin' out the pants Do the snake, the wop and the uh-oh dance, ohh! Make way it's the Postaboy Yeah the Postaboy, with the Wonder Boy We got the ladies in the club makin' all that noise Winning Team outside, you don't see our toys (woo woo) Make way it's the Postaboy Yeah the Postaboy, with the Wonder Boy They got the ladies in the crowd makin' all that noise Beep beep, I'm a boss, I don't drive my toys You can find me uptown, uptown, low in cement be's Rollin up in the club like the {?} I don't know why you hate me, I'm tryin' to date me A hot mami like Tammy at AE Jump, I say that I'm focused And just how thirsty all these hoes is Wide door knockers with the rings in they noses I J, then they knockin' at my door like Jehovahs I start checkin' my peep mo' I come from Harlem, the home of the hustler negroes Like, R.P., Alpo Jim Ice, Nicky Barnes, and my nigga Bumpy John All I need is a pair of my Pro*Keds Half moon part and a two-wheel moped Quarter water, Jimmy Chu's for my honey It's the Postaboy, Winning Team, good money I said throw yo' lighters in the motherfuckin' urr The roof on fire and not a muh'fucker curr There's so many bunnies and I'm seein' over her Every time I turn around, couple durr, couple durr Hey! I'm mean mixin' my two-step Now little birdie wanna call me Hugh Hef' Pimp so hard 'til there ain't no juice left I been around the world, I done toured the U.S. Here we go, c'mon Now here we go, c'mon Now here we go, c'mon Now here we go, c'mon Yeah!