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Just Do It (Pete Rock)

(Yeah), uhh, (uhh), yes Yes, uhh, come on, (do it), yeah, uhh You want that iced out watch don't ya (right) You want a brand new glock don't ya (right) You want to hold the block down for ya mens locked down Till they get back home, Just Do It (Just Do It) You want to start the revolution right (right) You wanna burn the constitution right (right) You want a solution for wack motherf**kers on the mic Anyday all day, Just Do It, (just do it), just do it (Live long, stay strong, just do it) I get attacked by a wack marine rap machine Or some brilliant current team seem when I dream Fuck those individually iMac's on wide screen Space shit from the basement like ?fyleens?, I mean For real dog how you f**kin' with my team We gleam shine like 7-45 high beam You seem fine like menage a trois the fly scenes Like you wait the sirenes and then I scheme to see Niggaz online for coke and do line Make a thousand a line man I ain't lyin' That's sixteen g's a verse without tryin' If you fail mathematics than press rewind Please, do not get it twisted like rubic Got emcees runnin' back for their teams like Mike Ruic You wanna obtain things pursue it For in the game remain strong and just do it Just do it anyway you pursue it Pete Rock Pharoahe Monch can't be touched along (Just do it,) just do it cause we roll right through it Show love how we do this move back and pursue it kid (Come on just do it,) just do it cause the street music Come on bounce to it your body's movin' (Just do it,) just do it cause there's nothing else to it Live long stay strong, just do it In this world today, too many people tryin' to maintain We gon' take the liberty to explain something to you Ain't nothing to it, your dreams just pursue it Lord lord lord lord come on just - Brace yourself for the awesome in wear Pete Rock, Pharoahe in your atmos.. I'ma survive the desert of Queens like cactus Maxin' in the cut with a vaccin for wackness Why I react tactical flows with rap madness My weaponry is definitely not average Put a astrofist by my name for bein' passive The bassist in the game should've been got they ass kicked On the Pete Rock tip, we hit the streets Like we rock classic Pete Rock funk or then the jazz shit It's digitally remastered Critically acclaimed black funk soul from the past hits Pete's my numero uno soul a mano I'm mister Jameson I set it off like Serreano With the disco fluid from Queens to Frisco Set it off, just do it Just do it, yeah, Pete Rock, 2003 come on