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Mind Blowin' (Pete Rock)

Aiyyo, check this one out Somethin smooth Calm you down Check out the story Ya know what I mean? 1998 It's vinia on the hook up Pete rock Aiyyo, a type love story, with the guts and glory Yes a high priced shorty, dollar signs when you saw me Havin naughty intentions witcha Rear suspension, a star, the first convention Got the camera's attention, I mentioned no names I guess times changed from the subway trains To the first class planes, still the same type of freak In the penthouse suite, and rendezvous to meet I guess we goin deep cover you still got the hunger For the chocolate boy wonder, back to the days of thunder Thighs and light eyes, caramel surprise Soft skin and healthy size, I'm just that type of guy Fly and cool, ms. jamaica at the pool Takin her to school, debate the golden rule Only fools fall fast, sellin out for the cash But this love's gotta last from the ash to the dust Build trust, beyond the lust, kick back And split a dutch, chill out and tell tales and such You're mind blowin Mind blowin, decision Causes head-on collision You know it And I know it That you need me, I want you Yo, a ghetto superstar, got a taste for caviar So far, you're up to par, with the luxury car The lex or the benz, connect with your friends Once again in the lens tryin to follow the trends From tens to hundreds, designer tight threads And strong black dreads, catch the "ooh" from the heads ("you see that dime kid? ") Yo a med school grade, my pen still on the pad Remembering, what we had, fubu past the fad of lugz and thugs Now we sip each other's wine on persian rugs Givin love and backrubs In tubs with the bubbles, carefree from the struggle I like your new muscle, so appealing to my hustle, to knock It's the one and only pete rock Got a lock on this lady might even make a baby No time to act shady, it's strictly for the ladies Mind blowin Aiyyo, playin trivial pursuit, with lottery loot Feedin me grapes and fruit in your birthday suit Parachute over paris, you way above average Type built for marriage, with twins in the carriage Thank aladdin for the wish and deep fry fish There's no way we can miss (swish!) it's all good When we back in the hood, twistin trees with no wood When I was stressed out, you always understood To my legend, no question, you're the answer With the legs of a dancer, can't refuse a jolly rancher Born a cancer zodiac, with features that attract Causin cardiac arrest, no stress, take my hands And caress your chest, sleep and dream about the rest When it comes to beauty girl it's no contest Grab ahold of yourself, and, open your eyes Get wise to my exercise and realize We got one life to live baby, just one We only got one life to breeze, see us live through our seeds