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Take Your Time (Pete Rock)

Zone out now, one two, yo This goes out to all coasts East coast, west coast And all across the nation, worldwide Know what I mean? relax, kick your feet up Spark one, let me show you how it's done Blow lady Sunrise, starts the day Lay back, ease your pain Don't sweat, simple things Take your time, do your thing As grains of sand pass from hand to hand I watch time stand still I'm just one man That's out for all so all should be for one Grew up on the drum with the j.b. unh! The son, who spun the record that his pop's collected Went on to create and perfect the unexpected Funky beat sound watch the family get down! Slide with the right and give cousin a pound Watch the young ones play and think back in the day When fresh was the style, plus the word to say It's all love now, let me show you how To take time out, and show you what life's about Chorus: jane eugene and carl mcintosh Take your time walk the line just a matter of time Take your time walk the line just a matter of time Take your time walk the line just a matter of time Wo oh just a mattter of time Feel the flow, and let it go Unwind, relax your mind Stay a while, take your time Bet you'll find, peace of mind With a, douse of soul, I'm back in control My goal sees the world pass from young to old Unfold a new tale, see yourself on scale 2000 the year my black people prevail Yo straight up and down I got love for this son Nine years in the mix and if time permits I'll continue to make my melody for the tapes And walk the fine line between love and hate