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Tha Game (Pete Rock)

Wall to wall.. that's my word I want approximately.. everything you got The verdict.. that's right Yo... Call me the black champion guess down, wanna test now So let's grab the mack and vest, bless him if he stressed out Amazin glazin purple haze patients Blazin asians in mercedes benz stations Yo moving through the tavern, guns that burn, sons that learn Stabbin an intern, corporate book of words Iceatollah motorolas, gun reloaders, broads with rollers When wet lense stolers, lex glowers who owe us Call up comissionary gordon, son go warn the warden That the lord is back, rollin with his sword again Mix tape, masturbation mate rate plates ice traits Guns wit bitches jumpin outta white cakes It's on for real, indeed, lex leonardo Shells that's hollow, six whipper through the 52 globe of horror Carry the stainless steel armor Nurture the church avenue drama, yo, african gold from ghana Puffin these marijuanas make allah catch alzheimers Feedin bread to birds yellin f**k old timers It's called game, game get ya life kilt, game recognize Write wills, game slight chills things stay the same Game, subliminary mill's smash grills night chills Regardless what pah things won't be the same Game'll get ya life kilt game rcognize Write wills, game slighht chills things stay the same Game, subliminary mill's smash grills night chills Mic skills baby pah won't be the same Game (check this out, one two, yeah yeah this is me p no doubt) Segregate those fake punks Separate the bullshit from the authentic Vintage rhyme division got the globe listening My rap scroll belittled your goals and visions Prohibition got my whole block pissin christians One-fifty-one dunn'll have you off balance walkin Don't let your e-motions get involved talkin To the wrong culprit, the killer be the soft spoken So what's ya intentions, you want to glow for the moment? Throw on ya two pennys then you boltin I rock for the few chosen, who got they third minds open Write a page that'll engage war and encite fights Be on the look for the bright lights and north winds The trumpets be the mics ya size malevolent You don't be long in my evesight, pee's a powerful soldier Of the light and things won't be the same The game's over Mc ultra high-brolic bank roll alcahol vulture Garlic balls dice the shield of ocre Tally ho pitty-pat backgammon pro Pink salmon five spring rolls know me, you love my intro Half a face wig sewed together like manhattan chase Lookin like statue of praise, check behind the drapes Castor troy layin for travolta mic gun pump Layin on the floor clark's bleedin watermelon chunks Hold up... sprinkle the hash, tony chapstick Snatch rza last piece of fish right off the glass dish Butter roll beats bagel tracks wavey hair decks Lay it down straw hat style, butterball crown Time life investments, when broke I wrote the old testament Crashed domes now perform excellence Words with the president, brunch with yeltsin Gorbachev under meth's nuts, he out in belgium Six and a half monkeys, twelve nazis Four disappear, three eight two one flash to thin air God's replica no wheel drive motionless mind cresica Tilt the hat like esther Aiyyo, I rumble into action, son I'm right on target Legendary status with the way the track started It's on, at any second with the high stakes Drama, the game's teeth sharp like pirahana There's a million style biters who try to create Make no mistake real niggaz challenge the fake Most valuable sp-1200 gold medals Rae progidy ghost rhyme professional The original, pete rock is like soul on ice Dynamite with the mic device Now roll the dic, for the game of death Snake eyes baby pah, the boy wonder's a threat