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Canoe (Mesiah Gaia)

I have seen you diving In your anguish Did you notice Why you strike the pose And you´re frightened of your soul and so... Only your dog knows What you´ve been trying to hide inside Don´t you act in front of me It´s just a waste of time Now we are close to END Listen to the world of wasted land Now we are close to END Listen to the voice of promise land Then I am walking through the little street And there are many faces full of lies I´m not interested what people think and settle behind Cause it tries to hurts MORNING OF MY LIFE Now we are close to... Sometimes I look like a sinner I wanna be the same as a winner You have a chance in your life Don´t be afraid of the words That will degrade your little person It´s all about the trust and reasons I listen to my consciouns everytime I hate people which make me cry Now we are.... The only time When my mood feels right To be alone in the town Celebrate the dawn Coming now MORNING OF MY LIFE