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Coconut Tree Tsunami (A Coctail) (Mesiah Gaia)

I´m walking down the street called Coconut street I´m sitting in the shade of coconut tree Got ocean in my brain And on my feet are heavy chains And it´s little bit dangerous I listen to my mum on coconut beach She´s warning Don´t be fool and get out of reach Got ocean in my ears I´ve never felt the fear And it´s a little bit dangerous Blood and wine Water and tears The Earth is speaking Our faults and fears I´m weaping on the top of a coconut tree I cannot see my friend he´s under the sea Got ocean in my eyes Just praying ''Rasta never die'' And it´s a little bit dangerous I´m sleeping in my grave, got coconut dreams My home is under the wave and people with me Got ocean in their mind And we are totally deaf and blind It was a little bit dangerous Just go and preach What ocean can reach What mother has sent Is punishment