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Úniková místnost Vlaková loupež

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Manana (Mesiah Gaia)

If you try to fly Don´t leave a pure way Because it´s really true Hey do you want to listen to the story Of a man from the street So listen now I´m not gonna work in a factory (I know what do you mean) I want to have a lucky memory (I know what do you feel) I listen only to the voice of my heart And I don´t think about What the others think about me No problemo con tempo MAŇANA Ich mochte nicht in die Fabrik arbeiten Ich mochte meine Freiheit haben Das ist alles meine Eltern von euch Ich mochte meine Freiheit haben I´m little freak Walking down the street Not go to work Just to buy green sweets Not go to school Because I wanna be cool Because you want to be cool No problemo con tempo MAŇANA Do you smell my stink How do you do What do you think