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Úniková místnost Vlaková loupež

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Tasty (Mesiah Gaia)

When I will play it to your mind When nothing tells you twice Tells you twice Then I am walking through the rain Noone can just sacrifice my life Not myself Ref: And noone can just stop me If I want to be myself And noone can just stop me If I really know myself So now Noone can just stop you If you know what you wanna And noone can just stop you If you realize SOUL YOUR BLACK SOUL Then I´m still walking through the rainbow Noone can to tell my way now Who to be Then I´m still waiting for the time When you´ll be talking to yourself Like it used to be Ref: And noone can just..... Three candles on a table and a warplan in a head Great insight in a future All what I see is just there Almost full moon on the sky Black riders coming home tonight Don´t you see my sister burning down Don´t you see my brother dying young Do you think everything´s just allright Then curse on you CURSE ON YOU