Solitary (Ruiner)

Hey mike what the fuck are you thinking? And where did you go with my Fathers gun. I still don't believe it but think about it I'd blame you too. But that was years ago and this isn't that story. This is my concern for where you will end up. Remember when I told you, you needed to find god. That's pretty funny now. You've always been more comfortable between cement walls, Just inches from hell. The isolation made you see in black and white. See the world as a truly empty and desolate place, With nothing to offer someone like you. When Danny died I know you wanted to take his place. But that wasn't your fault. Sometimes no matter how far you run, Trouble just comes looking for you. You know that feeling well. Stop blaming yourself for what you couldn't do. Stop blaming yourself for what you've lost. It's hard to say that you aren't the same. That something in you changed. Maybe it was never there at all But most of us have a glimmer of a future in the back of our eyes. Move on from this place. There has to be some where that your demons won't find you, Where all your devils don't know you're alive.