That Stone Better Be On Fire (Ruiner)

And what the fuck do I know? But broken hearts, some unsung songs. I never had it hard enough so i drag my feet as much as i can. The product of excuses. Brave only compared to some. I consider myself a lucky kid, but I'm pretty good at fucking up. Young, angry and white. A victim of the middle class. So much to prove. So much to say. When will I be done screaming? Never take me seriously, cause who the fuck I am. Just some awkward kid from a shitty town no different from any of you. Quick with exaggeration. Philosopher to some. But a story teller to anyone. Who, is truly listening. I'm inspired by the face that i still get out of bed. I'm over dramatic most of the time. Attention whore, known to be ill tempered. I got a way with fucking words!