Two Words (Ruiner)

Hello you fuckers, you assholes, you social rejects... I hope you get my sarcasm as I generalize our subculture That once had the biggest of mouths. Now scared to just speak up, Scared of prepubescent teens with the fastest hands Or has-been role models who gave in to their own cynicism. I might seem jaded, I might seem arrogant. However I am a dude of many opinions which I encroach on every open ear. I find it offensive when someone cowards behind tight lips. Save face for the sake of social status, prostitution with a pretty face. No approval here not bought with pride, all loss for some one else's gain. Keep your mouth shut. Keep your eyes straight- a -head. You might make it out of here unscathed but devoid of purpose. Mediocrity is a fucking cancer; it seems air born and contagious. I found myself here-when I didn't fit-most anywhere else. Now I find it hard to relate to the most familiar of faces. Don't Care Pardon my apathy and my articulation with cheap childish phrases But I hate the excuses I give this nothing more then these two words Fuck it How clichй this all sounds. This was made for the individual But is ruined by the ignorant masses.