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Curses Honororum (If Hope Dies)

separated, compartmentalized these are the dreary days of our lives screened out, and filed away locked into drawers of human decay forced to live wall to wall bodies stacked from floor to ceiling this is not life but subsistence that we are feeling given barely enough so as not to make waves convinced to fight amongst eachother our brothers and sisters just to make wage these scraps of social progress are given to us to fabricate the illusion of success distractions to eat up our time when slavery wasn't so subtle and we didn't have american dreams to keep us from waking the exploitation was more plain to see instead of recognizing the state in which we find ourselves our attention is diverted fingers pointing in the wrong directions blame has shifted focus from the wealthy to those struggling alongside us we are trapped in this cage convinced we're the players when we are the played tell yourself it won't change how much value do values retain when the measure of a person is his willingness to use violence for his own personal gain? we remain trapped in stasis masses fight and struggle vying for small priviledge the rich continue to grow fat as we carry the weight upon our backs there must be a path more fullfilling other than the "choice" we've been given between whether to rule or be ruled give in to the strain and be consumed