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So It Goes (If Hope Dies)

this is a call to notice that which has gone unnoticed that all of us are walking wounded bearing hidden scars and subtle bruises the casualties of a war inside our hearts we submit ourselves to abstract forces ruled by the concept that living is surviving we are suffocating on our own tangled aspirations mired down by the restraints forced on us the fear and doubt that serves to crush we can no longer take satisfaction in our suffering now is the time to arm ourselves with the knowledge that we can achieve a state of independance one of personal anarchy we can end this war see past the darkened veil pulled over our eyes we will make the world at large recognize our cries i will dedicate myself to reclaiming the disputed landscape of my soul i will repel each incursion visited upon my spirit cast light upon the insidious decay of volition surely, i do protest let this be a message that here i stand