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The Hungry Ghost (If Hope Dies)

when man made the choice that production holds more meaning than life he sentenced our world to a slow and lingering death strip the land of all it holds clear the forests down to the last stone convert the living to the dead and lose your life in the process our civilization can reach no peak it must continue to ravage the landscape consume all the riches it has to offer swallowed down into a stomach that can never be full just like a parasite our industries cripple their host and leave it too weak to stand we can lay no claim to this land where did mankind develop hisentitlement? to rape this earth and sky to leave it choking and waiting to die shows that we have developed a terrible hatred of life our culture is too busy consuming it's dead remains to see the carnage on either side of it's face yes, this is a reality as real as the poisons we eat it's in everything we touch we have all been marked for death as our skies turn grey and our water becomes deadly to drink we will all perish this will be our end our desire for production has doomed us we cannot defend our selfish actions up to this point how can we stop this monster that we've created? it will never rest until it's never-ending hunger has been sated just one more species extinct.