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Who Died And Made Us King? (If Hope Dies)

through pure arrogance mankind has staked its claim it's left its mark upon all that surrounds us there is a darkness rising overhead shadows that are converging and closing in we've set forth to conquer every last inch of land burning down and plowing over everything in our path our numbers explode six billion lives that this world can't hold like a plague of locusts we spread from one side of this earth, to the next heedless, of the destruction wrought by our hands we continute to subjugate the land in the name of selfishness in the name of greed we have ignored our impact on this planet's longevity we look to the heavens for the drawing of our paths forsaking all that's present for empty promises never once have we stopped to question the assumption that we have the knowledge to dictate what lives and dies what lives and dies never have we stopped to question the assumption of man's dominion there is a darkness rising overhead enshrouding us shadows that are closing in bearing down the long ignored prices of progress for love , of this world for the future, of mankind we've got to turn back this tide