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Lovers And Friends (The Communards)

All night you'd lay asleep enfolded in my arms, breathing slow and sweet. I never understood how it would prove to be such a luxury to feel your hand, warm in my hand your kiss onmy cheek. Lovers and friends are all that matter. You'll never know how much it came to mean to me to have you by my side in battles lost and won. And now I understand these things can never be guaranteed. I wish I could recall each mundane tenderness, remember every look, each word, preserve every breath, each kiss, each caress. Lovers and friends are all that matter. I never thought that I would watch you drowning far from any sea, on crumpled sheets, white sand in your eyes. Lovers and friends are all that matter. And now when all I have of you is a memory, I raise my hand to touch my cheek, imprinted with your love.