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Free (Dark New Day)

Can you live without one red cent? Can a little true heart really pay the rent? No It'll take a lot of give to get All the money you've spent it's a game of pressure So Put a little on the back of someone else. Cause another problem just to ease yourself. Can't you see that it's coming back around, and when it comes back It'll drive you farther down. Free? Now are you? Is it life that holds us down? Free? How are you? When I'm stuck here on the ground. Can you fly without your wings on board? It seems pretty unfair to end up on the floor. Paying for a crime you weren't charged for, Alive in a world that always wants more. Is it any wonder that you're falling back inside the pattern that defines all you lack? Don't you want to get into your car and get out of this town? [Chorus] It's all about the wrong thing if doesn't make your heart sing. It couldn't be the right place with those tears upon your face. [Chorus] Free? Now are you?