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Crying Crowns Of Trees (Hermh)

The moon's glow On the lake Is a reflection of the night's crown Taken from six heads Once the nymph's crown United the power She was the Ophis of the paradise Today again tempted with her charm... To taste sin Means sweetness And raise a temple 'cause you know you'd won! The fruit of your body Is the shield that flowed with blood You came here By a chariot of fire You gave praise With a hellish whip In the cup of night And the vase of the day You blended with mud To hurt time With a horseshoe of death You split despair With Pegasus' wing You convinced the wind To braid a new The plait of bodies And you became the seaweed of the lake... To hold the key To the door of unity You named yourself empress To wield the sceptre Of my feeling There are six crowns on your head There's a glow on the lake The moon's paradise!