Hairesis (Hermh)

Caedite eos! Novit enim Dominus qui sunt eius Per signum crucis Millions of annihilated begins Millions of death sentences Laus tibi! Per signum crucis Greatest crimes of this world Greatest bloody battles Laus tibi! Per signum crucis! Flowing river of blood Desecrated bodies in thy name! Laus tibi! You they call the redeemer Agnus Dei You they call the salvator Agnus Dei You they call the son of the highest Agnus Dei You they call the infinitive love Agnus Dei Thine is the holy heart which knows no mercy Tu Rex Gloriae! Blodless sacrifices In your honor flesh and blood consumed Myths from generations passed All this because; Tu Rex Gloriae! Children of killers breed Crowds for ages fed with lies Arise beyond ye supreme being Arise above ye supreme being And confess the truth once again And say no once again! Every truth is a torn for my temple Every word flows with bloody sweat Thy believers fanatic killers Thy believers burning on stakes Thy believers decapitating in thy name Thy believers raping and drinking blood in the name of cross Thy believers mass murderers Thy believers greatest masters For thy name they sacrifice nations For thy name they sacrifice their families Bloody lord Thou is the betrothed of Satan! It is I the heretic who chooses truth and wants: Ne perenni cremer igne.