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Hunger (Hermh)

Six days six nights given away A pair of arms that desire And crave bent in half You're there I'm here You know who I am? I've craved and desired... I raise my fist like in the beginning... I raise it in the name of truth In the name of truth I hit Christ's face He condemns me, crushed with the wood of the cross But he doesn't raise again! It was me who in hatred spat in Christ's face! And again I drive the thorn of truth in the Messiah's temple He condemns me again! It was him who left his imprint on me! It was him who condemned me! You'll understand this when the time comes! The whirlwind of the night draws me into the infinity of my blasphemies Payday has come! For famine and for condemnation! Then come kiss me So that I can leave With the feel of your lips For the boundless depths of the night Just as always!!!!