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Immortal Stars (Hermh)

Endless depth of inexhaustible desires Only the scent! Only the taste! Nothing else do I feel Imperious albugo begs - more!!! Savour of redness Smell of power I await the imperfect creatures in the cave of my rule To take off the voke of degradation To take back the cross of affront Only fear is my ally Only hunger is my inspiration The taste of blood - eternal commitment I want to enter into your pupils Like the glitter of the sun dazzle your body Take rapture from your struggle I want to enter into your soul Like acid dissolve your body Take rapture from your impuissance One bridge is not enough!!!! Exonerate you I shall like the serpent's venom Exonerate you I shall like I was told to I arrive from the endless depth I arrive from the opened limbos I know the language of the dead Spreading the virus of condemnation Eternity rejection Death itself nauseates at the site of me Albugo battles for power I am dead in eternity I last Recognize your scent I shall Recognize your taste I shall Waiting for you Among the eternity of stars