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In My Flesh I See God (Hermh)

My thoughts years away from my body My mind shivering from cold Leucoma, nobody s sight I touch the smoke of burning carcass I hear the smell of burning Naked limbs plaited with hurricane of fire Skin, a desert shell Ashes My thoughts bring and luminous My mind in the state of ecstasy Cupreous sight, the heaviness of eyelids I touch the story body Smell of fresh fir Naked limbs congealed in stillness Skin pale-green Rottenness Thoughts tangled by tress of existence The third eye is watching Embryo of corporeity fights Smell of mud Naked limbs separately folded Hollow sound of the earth You sprinkle the skin Wax glitter I see God in it You celebrate rituals You light up incense I see God in it In my flesh I see God Of all moments In my flesh I see God The Master of death In my flesh I see God Donor of life In my flesh I see God My God!