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Red Blood Running (Hermh)

I'm waiting for the power of redness I'm waiting for the sweetness of blood... I'm running away from the day So I can love at night So I can taste the redness of blood To learn immortality And give freedom I run away each night To live through frenzy of day To soothen the bitterness of the sun And I ask you, every night Bitten by the lightnings' anger To stay here longer I'm diffrent during the day My heart beats another way Others call it a stone The drops of my blood I gave to the light of night I'm diffrent during the day I'm blessed by six crowns I am the key The drops of my blood I gave to the light of night I'm the bridge of eternity I was given a curse And you tasted That I'm both today hell and paradise JACER HA-RA!!! I'm the mark of beast You are my arm So I plunge my teeth into your neck Giving you freedom Giving eternity back to you So let The redness of blood run From open veins The power of scarlet Is flowing out and let The redness of blood run!!! The whiteness of my feathers And the taste of my blood You're getting to know today Will grow as the tree of life And let us drink a cup of wine From the fruit of sin And death will take them from here So, let us praise today With a dance of chaos That hell is our paradise Cursed in the name of truth That's the freedom and the destiny The redness becomes you From the redness charm emerges... In the redness there's flame... It's fervour has cursed us today So, die In my arms Tonight!