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Years Of Dying (Hermh)

There's anger hidden somewhere Love is carving The flame of contempt There's a flower... Which blooms at dark It's the fire that kindles The grief... Of hatered There's glory effaced Off the cheeks There's anger caressed with flame of longing They're my words That'll separate you The beast has confessed With the flame of despair Like little roses the touch my lips Like butterfly in beautiful flowers Like vampire in the most bloody night I'm run away from my destiny The same one That dries tears The same flame That remembers... And cries... Two little flames Will unite in bliss The two flames will carry love, And it's fervour will give them passion And fire the same Now... And millions ages It wanna bless With the warmth it has The same and lost It's me who catches The passion of flames It's me who craves And it's you who desires Will the bitterness of the day Soothe the night? Will the gale, of the day Give peace at dark? And again two flames You... Me... And the fire Of feverous feelings! Praises the night! Maybe that's only fate dream Am only the illusion Am only forgotten ghost Maybe Maybe Maybe not I feel like...