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Ambassador Of Fear (English Dogs)

stalking and hiding and planning to win taking them all on his own scheming and building and thinking to win how can he beat them alone planning his world with a cordon of fear disclose of the rivals around pulling the strings making everyone move but others are holding him down madman leader evil deceiver motals above him are running his life to see that he gets out of hand but there not the only ones pulling the strings the only ones making a stand people he rules are all striken with fear with beatings and death's in the night lying in torment of murder severe they will soon show they are right ambassador is beaten conquerer defeated ruler of evil people did rise and stand up for their rights cutting down those from above conquerer culvered and shock in the night people will lose him no love ambassador struck down with hate and remorse from slaves who had now become free the tables have turned and have taken their course the ruler is now history