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Cemental (English Dogs)

They're dragging me down to the nut house To try and salvage my brain A jab in the arm spins me round and around Turning my veins to fire Cemental I seem to be sweating profusely Images burnt to the bone Convulsions and vomit explode In my head Crimson twist has returned The're draining the punk from my body Moulding my soul to a cube. Creating an image without any fight Chaos turned into Jesu What the fuck they done to me, Blind my eyes and I can't see Now I'm shitting rat babies Ahhh! Scratch my face and bite my arms, Punish me, avoid self-harm Seems like years since I was calm Ahhh! Fucking doctors bleed my soul, Seeping pus from every hole Lost my mind and lost control Ahhh! My bed and body stink of piss White noise and a constant hiss Mother will not spare a kiss Ahhh! The're dragging me down to the nut house