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Incisor (English Dogs)

teeth grind down the last bite the victims last breath drawn tonight the bitting the tearing of the flesh the moment he's ready to strike eyes of hatred, jaws of fear now that your end is so near attacking and mauling, screaming in pain no one around you can hear the incisor strikes upon you biting right down to the bone weapons of steel devour you throat torn out so you cant moan the bodies just remains what evil creature could do this? stomach torn out, head has no brains the curse of an evil black witch town lives in fear of revenge the creature that howls in the night stalking and waiting for his prey selecting the time that is right devil is the beast that roams in the dark for sundown to come terror of the town that waits for the mark of the deadly black sun surviving and watching in fear of the creature that makes death a reality no one can sense that the killing the devil, the creature, the evil is me