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Mercenary (English Dogs)

Send away from a home made war Plan to kill the country´s poor Use the weapons all paid for And create a martial law It´s a waste of time and money Lives as well and that´s not funny All the lives of the innocent Slaughtered by some foreign cunt Supply the arms To kill the men But the innocent Can´t take revenge Signed, sealed, delivered overseas Brought in like some strange disease Paid for killing at their will Brought up to learn to kill Country says it´s all paid for Now you too can kill our poor Smash the rebels if you may Can´t make do with the army Religion don´t say who should die But tell the warplanes in the sky It´s greed by a mercenary aid Don´t car what so long as he´s paid Now you´ve had you home made war The cost in lives I just deplore You could have settled this dispute But all you knew was how to shoot