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Survival Of The Fittest (English Dogs)

Lying in the underworld, you now foresee the light Determended to be the vengeful you have lost your fight for life Taken down the alleys and imagining the pain Reality confronts you like a bullet in the brain Only the fit survive Through a lifeless life To the ends of the earth They have the will to fight Marching victorious Four corners of the world Life on earth behind you realising your mistakes Can't control the feelings that your bodie undertakes Life for the strong Through a cruel existence learned in your ways Build a new resistance You cannot see through the mist to the judgement days Survival of the fittest Power comes from the sky Life on earth is doomed to die Striding on through manhood to read the book of life No one there to guard you from all of the delights A world full of temptation with no room for the weak No room for the parasites who have no tongues to speak