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The Fall Of Max (English Dogs)

Do you remember I told you a story About Max the Millionaire? He had all his inherited money Piled up in stocks and shares For years he’d been a meanie Kept his money to himself Thought he knew the best way And refused financial help Fall of Max Fall of Max Fall of Max Once a Millionaire- blew it in the air Fall of Max Fall of Max Fall of Max Then one cold winter’s morning He has a letter from the bank Could you please pay attention? I am afraid I’ll have to be frank You see all your invested money Tied up in oil and cotton Has taken a turn for the worse And you account has reached rock bottom It was more of less three years later And Max the once rich man Had slipped below the poverty line Eating from a baled bean can And it was the next morning’s paper At the bottom of page nine That a tramp thought to be Max Was found hanging from a washing line