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The Chase Is On (English Dogs)

One day soon I'm gonna run off the edge of the world 'Cos my cries for help and my pleas cannot be heard Mine ain't the only voice in the chorus of gloom There's a million of others just waiting for doomsday Living in the hope that the powers can unify All we do is hope but the leaders they can try 'Cos there's too many battles in this world that we are fought with tongues There are too many government crackpots who don't belong 'Cos the chase is on, and we're not the prey Yeah the chase is on, and they're still running today Stop that lying, you're twisting all the words It don't make sense if it can't be heard The racing of the nations to fatality The realisation of death to you and me Deterrent of the end is at hand, who you trying to fool? We're all passed of as powerless in their rules Reactionary armies, militant brigades But all we use are words and our mouths are grenade Demonstrate the ignorance brought about by their laws 'Cos we've heard the crap a million times before When they get their greedy hands black and they dirty out lifes We realise there too late that they told us the lies Here it comes Nowhere to hide Nearly here Death from the skies