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Without You (Elissa)

There’s no one who could ever love me like you love me I remember how it used to be There was no stronger love And now I can’t believe, I was only too blind to see That your love was inside of me And now I don’t have anything at all Every night I think, as time just passes by How I lived your love and how you made me cry Now that I find I don’t know what to do My life is so empty, so empty alone without you Without you, without you I don’t know what to do without you boy Without you, My love is in your hands There’s nothing left to live for There’s nothing left to do, without you Every night that I sleep, I sleep with a fantasy That you’re here, it’s just you and me Like it always was But then I’m left to see that it was only a memory And what’s left is for me to be Alone without your love