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First To Say Goodbye (Carlson Katrina)

Late nights alone in the kitchen Trying to separate fact from fiction I'm going crazy, how much more can I take It's getting dark, the walls are talking I'm giving up, but then you walk in Reachin' out to hold you, but it's all a mistake if (Chorus) It's over, I don't wanna be afraid to say It's over, maybe we're better off this way It's over, love either grows or it dies But no one wants to be the first to say goodbye You used to get me I got you Now nothing ever seems to get through I'm trying to feel you, but the feeling is gone Your side of the bed's been empty Even when you're there it's empty My heart is breaking, but I've got to be strong if (Chorus) Never say never, never say forever You know I love you, but we just can't stay together Cause it's Over... now it's Over, who's gonna be the one to say It's over, who's gonna turn and walk away It's over, love either grows or it dies But No one wants to be the first to say... goodbye