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Stained Glass Heart (Carlson Katrina)

O Dio, o Dio, Dio I do I do have a real desire for you But I've been broken by what I have seen And all that's left inside is misery and my (Chorus) Stained Glass Heart Colored by the pain of it all My Stained Glass Heart Tainted like the rain as it falls O Dio, o Dio, I no longer weep Because of my sister's cold, untimely sleep I'll never know the Joe who took her life Who struck the final blow then turned the knife in my (Chorus) This spirit can't be broken With strength and time to heal Both unseen and unspoken Just as if Love were real The better angel of my soul Is rising up to free the hold of my (Chorus) O Dio, o Dio, o Dio I do I do have a real desire for you