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In Dreaming (Diva Destruction)

I still dream of you My heart beats unreason I still see you My veins injecting poison Softly misting I remember The words were spoken As soft rains came down Barely feeling All is done now The lies were woven And the truth is setting in Calling back to god's forgotten Going back to lovers broken I am proud in blossom hatred You are dead, no longer sacred Turned back to bleeding The sword's still stabbing Again now grieving Behind a smile on my face Although I'm screaming My insides paralyzed My heart's still beating With your ghost in its place All the days go by so lonely I cry for you The sun is glaring The sweat is beading My eyes are staring Into visions of the past Why were we so cruel Why were we so afraid When only fear ruled And now fear stands alone at last I still desire you Although I stand in unreason I still dream of you Of love no longer poisoned