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Oh Yeah (Big Bad Voodoo Daddy)

From the top of the night until 4:00 am I’ll be bangin’ bone music on a garbage can When this cat named pip with a vital tip, said “You better watchit jack, cause there’s a girl on your back” But as a general rule I tend to play things cool So I stroll throught the bar to my favorite stool When she approached me so devilishly an said “Your music jack , makes me go insane” I said oh’ yeah (oh yeah ) I said oh my my ( oh my my) She says "The big bad music….. makes me go insane!” I said I’ve got nine lives she says’ I’m sly like a cat From the tip of my shoes to the top of my hat As I flip down my collar and I straighten out my tie She says “I really did you man”, as she looked me in the eye I said “baby you must see you could never be The only one hangin’ out with me “ You see I got no plans She said “ my oh my, step back and let me try!” I said oh’ yeah (oh yeah ) I said oh my my ( oh my my ) She says "the big bad music, makes me go insane!” Now friends my story is far from over Like an alley cat with a four leaf clover The life I live is the life for me with no regrets and love for free But now back to the girl that I meet in the bar Now we’re rollin' down in a big black car As she rolls up the window & she pulls back the top She says “hang on jack I’m about to pop”