My Friend (Crimpshrine)

I grew up sheltered and innocent Found LSD as an escape from stress Only knew where I was coming from Didn't care where I was going or what I'd become 14 years old, full of LSD Cuz that's what I wanted to be It was always so much fun Freedom to do whatever I chose Freedom to dose and dose and dose In a park, frying under the sun Those times are gone Those times will never be gone Guess I missed a lot of growing up And now I'm just catching up But sometimes when things get too much to deal with I wish I could blow off the world Like I did when I was younger 18 years old, I don't feel as free I miss the way things used to be But I know it wasn't always that much fun It's too easy to rationalize And start believing your own lies And now I know that's what I've done Those times are gone Don't know why that I try to hold Those times will never be gone