Pick Up The Pieces (Crimpshrine)

Look at you so scared to grow up - and you Know that I'm scared too - but I know I've Got to move on 'cuz I can't stay stagnant Like you. So I'll try to pick up the pieces And learn from mistakes in the past. Aren't you sick of hiding from your future, Living every day like it's your last? And you say your life's fucked up, you've got Nothing but bad luck - you're sick of crying And sick of trying and you're ready to give up. You see your problems all put together Pointing at you like a gun. But things look Better if you separate them and deal with Them one by one... If you want to quit, and quit forever, then Get the pain over with fast. But if you Want to play the game Don't play the game Half-assed. Now that it's all in front of You, you're still just looking down. Why don't You get your shit together? You've come This far, why give up now?