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Summertime (Crimpshrine)

You left sometime ago, and now I just don't know. Bur for right now, I know there ain't no way And it seems to me that you seem to be A million miles away. What can I do? I need to be with you There's so much I've been meanin' to say And I can't see why we have to be A million miles away. I had a dream last night, everything seemed alright You weren't so far away Sunshine in your eyes, makes me wonder why I have to wake up alone another day. And this lonliness just makes me feel depressed But thoughts of a smilin' face Assures me that there is someplace That I can run to, that I can be with you I can see it in my mind So it's back up to Mendo one more time. And I'll be back in the summertime With a handfull of flowers and a bottle of cheap wine. In the summer time. And I know just where to find you at And when I do I ain't comin' back, no So long as you're by my side.