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Is This What I Get For Loving You? (The Ronettes)

There's been a lot of talk around That you've been seen with a certain party & now I'm so afraid I'm losing you, oh baby Don't tell me you don't want my love I couldn't give it to just anybody Baby won't you tell me it's not true? Bridge: Don't leave me, baby Don't tell me it's over After I trusted you & did my best to make you happy Is this what I get for lovin' you, baby? Is this what I get for lovin' you, baby? There was a night when you held me tight & you said you'd always love me You said you'd never hurt me What would there be left for me? It's such a cruel world to be alone in I always needed you to look out for me, oh baby I'm gonna miss your loving arms They're the only arms I feel at home in Don't you know how lonely I'm gonna be (bridge) (chorus) Don't leave me baby (chorus, to fade)