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Paradise (The Ronettes)

Paradise There is a land I know where lovers go & flowers grow forevermore Where time is standing still & lovers fill The quiet places by the shore We will cross the rainbow To a place where we'll be free Where he'll give his love to me So I'll wait for the day when he takes me away to... CHORUS: (Paradise) He'll take me by the hand to (Paradise) We'll walk along the sand in (Paradise) A never never land (Paradise) Wo wo wo We'll build a castle there so we can share The happiness we've waited for While white flamingos fly way up high Way above the ocean's roar We will climb a mountain To see our wonderland Maybe now you'll understand Why I've waited for the day when he takes me away to... (chorus) (Stand by him) I'll stand by him (Do right by him) Do right by him & I swear that I would die for him, die for him (repeat chorus)