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Flashout (Dorrough)

Hit the mall with my cash out Ima bout to flash out New school swag And they just let class out Hit the club brand new Clothes with the tags out Ball till I pass out Ima bout to Flashout Flashout La la la llaaaa Body sprayin tagged out This a new hit send the email blast out Fresh faded up so today im riddin glass house Screens on the dash out Ima bout to flashhhh Flashout flashout All my niggas gettin bitches The hood like a bitch with a quick whip Im H O T Col L D I know you see That fat man at your door That’s the mailman Droppin off some Jordan that I just brought up from berlin Aint gotta make it rain if I want I could make it whirlwind And have these niggas mad cuz im entertaining their girlfriend Yeaaa my clothes my ride hater close your eyes when I ride They hate to see me this fly my clothes my ride haters close your eyes La la la laaaaa I got that red and yellow G shot Girls call me mister flash SS aaron heart Stripes mean im goin fast Justice league im blowin cash Doin that in houstin 24’s are better Got me armor all usin Dade county cruisin Juice aint minute maid All yellow DC’s teachers call it lemonade Sharpin than a barber blade God im bout to pass out See a hater tote the deuce Mr mack the flashout