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Get Big (Dorrough)

This is the remix Hey Dorrough, you know you started something with this Get Big shit right Got the whole world on it now huh? Catch up suckas! Hey First thing first I hit the scene solo I rep the triple d Dirk Nowitzki Tony Romo I can’t be touched oh no I’m flashy like a photo My car paint like The AT&T logo Do it white paint On a Mazarati fo’ do’ My outer wear is Gucci But my underwear is polo You say you getting’ money But you baby mama say You got a dollar in yo pocket Say my nigga youse a hobo You ain’t got enough money Get big This that Dirty Money crew Yeah Hey yo Dorrough It’s ys boy Diddy It’s big nigga talk right here motherfucker C’mon check this out GO! Who the fuck talkin’ money Ha ha ha funny I got so much money My money count money My nickname is Billy I’m a motherfucking star My penthouse so high That my address is Mars Auto oil rig Now my bank counts Arabian Yacht so big You coulda sworn I brought the navy in This is my throne The top, I’m alone If you ain’t close to a billion Take yo broke ass home Motherfucker Take yo broke as home man This is big money talk right here This is the remix I see you Dorrough C’mon C’mon let’s talk that shit niggas let’s go I spit dope boy knowledge Bird in my pocket There’s too many hundreds They can’t fit in the wallet Rubber band up All white down Three hundred twenties For the whole pound Big block gators Fresh pair of Marcs 599 Brand new Ferrari Remix Yeah nigga get it Million dollar nigga Money be my best friend Yo Gotti! I got my city on my back My diamonds on my front Conjure up in my cup Grand daddy in my blunt Did it 2000 and whatever The year is after this is Cadillac shoes And the jazzy yellow misses Wanna blow me kisses Right around the zipper Down and drop it to the flo’ And I ain’t even gotta tip her R.I.P. to Jack Tripper Two up in the crib They say they wanna have my babies Then they better get a bib Here they come I came in as a rookie With my pockets on fat Got a million dollar pussy Bitch my cat got stacks Uhh N-n-n-now that a boss bitch move If you go against the boss But the boss never loses Got a house on the water So I can feed the gators Rasberry Porsche 32 flavors My bread so swoll I can’t fit it in my wallet My pockets on big Christopher Wallace Do it shawty Let me say Shawty Lo Do it B.I.G. I like a lot of hoes And I love the freaks But if I had to choose M.O.E. You ain’t got enough Paper Middle finger to a Hater You remember me Big Uf Purp in mine What’s in yo cup? I post up Time to roll up Give the hoes what they need Give the people what they want Uhh I don’t fuck with no blunts You know how it go homie No zig zag no drig drag Wizzle man Rollin’ out the big bag With a bad bitch Light brown skin thick ass Never slow I get mine quick fast Getting’ money In this bitch ass Standin’ on the couch in club Wit a pocket full of c-notes Niggas can’t tell me I ain’t bigger then Nino Hop up in the Coupe Give it gas I’m floatin’ Money getting’ big Like the arms on Hulk Hogan Stacks on top of stacks Baby this is iHop I be runnin’ down on sacks Auto I shop Everything is big Big chain keep a big chrome Big house big truck Big body red bone You didn’t know he was gonna bring it that big huh? Get used to it! Hahahahaha And like that We gone!