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Handcuffs (Dorrough)

... spending cash She was big far six with an ass And all I wanted was to hit her with the... You're from... to her down Bottom of line she was bad to the bone If a nigger think he will hit her crown Cause I took her to my... true story All I want is to hit her up and... It was nothing to it Now I can't believe that a nigger put his trust into her All the game she's running you don't even know she's bluffing you You don't even know her type of bitch you had he cuffing, did you? You can't be locking up these hores man, nigger You might as well tell these bitches come out with their hands up She can't even be faithful and you got these bitches handcuff? You ain't nothing but a joke That bitch ain't yours ... cause the bitch got curves You got a bitch with a body like hers Stop... handcuff Me you and even your bro Man why you're cuffing these hores I don't know could be me... I think your girl is calling me again I keep her pussy popping like a rubber... She told me that you ain't nothing but a friend ... she had a line But you're the one who's looking stupid Cause every other night I give her the... My nigger she's using a dummy anyway... She's kissing you in the mouth right after sucking my dick She's got you all heat it up thought you made it the world Don't be mad at yourself don't be mad at your girl She's like everything she told me She personally knows me While you've been out and cuffing... the police ... been together at least that's what she told me I ain't even try to... she personally chose me Mister... take the cuffs off of her She don't wanna be saved She said you were stocking her All up in the phone... Who is this? Now let your act stop Acting like a bitch I try to make a wify I dick her down nightly I beat it her so much That her pussy don't excite me Tell me how you lick her same night... She's looking at you like a... Holdin hands, boy that ain't cool ... high school She's doing her back good I guess she couldn't take it ... bitch naked ... you stay you still love her Hoping she will change But she belongs to the public She ain't none of yours man [Chorus]