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Ice Cream Paint Job (Dorrough)

This time I say yeah buddy live good eat good old school chevy to a Cadillac fleetwood got the inside (black) and the outside (black) thinking bout a maserati but I'd rather ride lac AC blow like windchill paint drippin like the rain on the windshield Cream on the inside clean on my outside Ice cream paint job Cream on the inside clean on my outside Ice cream paint job Mama black daddy black uncle black granny black catch me in a caddilac Say ridin' on a full tank with some ice cream paint got the shoes and the hat to match My car yeah we stunt like that Down in Dallas Texas yeah it's crunk like that All I got to do is this drop the top and show the wrist And I can pull a bad bitch off eye contact Yeah it's your boy dorrough I got a woodgrain wheel and a woodgrain flow Paint job fresh paint Pop trunk my way Yeah buddy I'm paid And everybody know To get money is the mission It's the autocar magicain 09 but I drive a 012 expedition With an auto start enigition Four 15s hittin With a sign on the back that say let's go fishin Cream on the inside clean on my outside Ice cream paint job I'm ridin clean on the northside staight from the south Collipark to be is at where niggas known for showin out Throwin out about 30 on top of the sticker price And when we hit that old gold nigga got a lil twite Nigga got a lil swag cause my shit so nice If you ain't lookin at the rims then you blinded by the ice I ain't talkin bout the shit around my wrist nah Talkin bout this here all around to gets you I think I got the coldest car game in the city Fuck ridin stock I'm off the lot lookin pretty I got your mouth dropped saying He ain't do that did he Nigga yes I did nigga yes I did I got the chrome wheels black Lil peanut butter dash Six speed with the chip muthafucka fast Love it when you niggas run up on me it's trash Switch lanes fast with a dash And keep ridin Cream on the inside clean on my outside Ice cream paint job Yeah shawty Soulja boy big dog Black on black lamborghini ice cream paint job Black card bank card So much money look like I had the bank robbed My flow cajan Spicy punch line Disrespect me and get jumped like the lunch line Titanic swag like I'm standing on a boat Man yours boys got money but your flows still broke No pad no pen I'm going in Flyin' down the highway blowin on the kush again I'm gettin' money like I never would believe So many tattoos that my skin can't breathe I'm gettin' old money but I'm a youngster My swag presidental make obama want to sponsor me Cream on the inside clean on my outside Ice cream paint job Splash candy bone I'm drippy Car so clean that the paint look slippery Caught the swag fruit so I got these niggas sickened Call me ice cream the way the girls start lickin me Licorice shovled the way she diggin me Victory Just the dick in me In my game flag Make the nasty girls get with me And after I tell her it's all history Chickens (chickens) Rotisserie (rotisserie) We could make it snow Motherfucka better get your skis Told her turn it up as I hit the speed Pushed the head down Waters bone as I hit the weave Yeah buddy Cup stay muddy Everywhere I go bops stop and study Clean on the inside cream on the outside Your queen on the inside and the outside boss wide Your realationship over Better stay high never see me sober Late night you can find me and high rollers Servin our sodas We slow-mo pourers Everybody know us Hoe game famous Got money out the anus But it ain't change us Still keep it hood Candy caddi on rollas Excuse the marijuana officer we smokas Cream on the inside clean on my outside Ice cream paint job When the haters see me pullin up They want to bust in my tank Cause they lactose intolerant I got to much ice cream paint When my car be dancin they got challenge I got handles I got balance And my audio system pioneers Got the sound surroundin' Pullin out a block Lookin at my watch She asked me for the time I said 20 gee o'clock Double finger on my heckler and cocked I ride ready Banana split chevy so wet it look sweaty Interior red like sauce on spaghetti I'm havin my bread mane I'm in it kind of heavy Already drunk on the outside Finna go inside Took the bopper outside Bout to go inside Rollin with my doors up Hoppin off the intersection Tryna drivin direct IPhone text Austropentual rolex watch face Mama told me turn it down that's too much bass Supreme orange soda cream Seats bucket So clean on the outside groupies love it I'm in dallas with my cowboy cheerleader Blowin big sippin kool-aid out a 2 liter Chrome features big sneakers rollin' sideways Aye bay bay I been ballin' for bout 5 days My ice cream paint job flows like my wrist I keep my top down so groupies won't forget Cream on the inside clean on my outside Ice cream paint job Haha Yeah remix Say we ain't doin it big we doin it major You feel me Mr.D-O-R-R Dorrough music Album in store august 4 Yeah buddy Yeah buddy Yeah buddy Hey hey hey yeah yezzir